Bahamas Cruise
Bahamas Cruise

Sample pricing. Use the table at the right as an example of what to expect on
3, 4 and 7 day cruises

Typical prices for different cruise
South Florida is a great place to visit and even better to live, and one of the many things that makes it even greater is the proximity to many tropical and sub-tropical islands.
For more info call: 954-969-0069

1 day cruises are from $99. to $179.
2 day cruises are from $129. to $309.
3 day cruises can run from $179. to $379. and up
4 day cruises start at about $249. to $525. and up
7 day cruises from $459 to $1,200. and up
Our agents can find the right cruise at discount prices.

A Discover Island Cruises 1 day provides you with the opportunity to enjoy everything a longer cruise offers in one fun-filled day. It's the entertaining way to travel to Grand Bahama. On most of the longer 2, 3, 4, and 7 day cruises you will enjoy a lavish breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. Depending on where you go an action packed Las Vegas style casino awaits you.

Cruise for the day or stay with one of our exciting resort packages.

Leaves Fort Lauderdale:
8:00 am.

You should be there , 5:00 to 6:30am Port doors close at 7am

Gets to the Bahamas at 11:00 am

Leaves the Bahamas at 7:00 pm

Gets to Fort lauderdale at
10:00 pm
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